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HTTPS for custom domain on blogger

in a normal case it is easy to turansform your blogger website from http to https but you are forced to use as top-level domains. (for exemple will be cloudflare logo

Custom domain name on Blogger

Blogger uses CNAME technique to make your blog appears with personal domain name but you can get only the "" edition or an other subdomain ""

HTTPS for custom domain blogger

blogspot server force users to use as top-level domains to get HTTPS connection. If you choose to use your own domain you will find on your blogspot panel this notification:

****Warning: HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs.

SSL Flexible from CloudFlare

ssl flexible cloudflare SSL Flexible from CloudFlare is the best solution to add secure connection on blogspot:

Flexible SSL: secure connection between your visitor and CloudFlare, but no secure connection between CloudFlare and your web server. You don't need to have an SSL certificate on your web server, but your visitors still see the site as being HTTPS enabled. This option is not recommended if you have any sensitive information on your website. It should only be used as a last resort if you are not able to setup SSL on your own web server, but it is less secure than any other option (even “Off”), and could even cause you trouble when you decide to switch away from it...

    If you use Blogger and want to use Cloudflare's free SSL service then your only option is Flexible SSL. Be aware that with this option the content is only encrypted from Cloudflare to the end-user. Calling it "Halfway SSL" or "Cosmetic SSL" would be technically correct but probably bad for marketing. While it is ideal to have an end-to-end HTTPS connection, securing the connection from the browser to CloudFlare mitigates 99% of the real risk. A way to think about it is if you're worried about the government monitoring your web traffic, Flexible SSL won't offer a complete solution. On the other hand, if you're worried about someone next to you in the coffee shop sniffing your cookie or password information, CloudFlare's Flexible SSL will protect you.

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Why making blogs for my proxy site?!

It's easy to build a blog specially on blogspot and it is one of best practice to get traffic from search. It's great for user experience because you can explain and provide more useful information about proxy service...

Cloudflare's Universal SSL service

Despite the lack of SSL support on Google's side, I signed up this blog for Cloudflare's Universal SSL service. It's not an ideal solution and it smacks of security theater, but that's not Cloudflare's fault and it's outside of their control. But unless I have a free week I can dedicate to researching alternatives and then relocating content, I need to wait until Google does the needful and makes SSL available to those of us using Blogger.

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