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Install Glype Proxy with yahoo/facebook plugin - Full Guide

glype proxy Glype is a script used to make a web-based proxy. It can be used to view the web anonymously and bypass web filters. It is one of the easiest to use and configure. It is free for personal use. It can be easily configured for multiple different features.


Web server that has PHP5+ and cURL enabled To view if you have cURL enabled follow the phpinfo() directions to create a tiny file to give you the information.


  1. Check their site for the latest version. (Download Glype at
  2. Extract the .zip and read the enclosed INSTALL.txt
  3. Upload the contents of the /upload/ folder to your web-server. We recommend FTP client for uploading.
  4. Upload the admin.php script from the /extras/ folder to your root proxy folder and run it in your browser. (exemple:
  5. Set your admin name and password.
  6. Done! - type in the URL you want to visit.

Glype YouTube Plugin Installation Instructions

youTube logo This plugin will allow proxy users to watch videos on YouTube and is in add-on to existing support for Glype popular social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.
Plugin Source:
  • Upload to the plugins folder.
  • Upload videoplayer.swf to the root directory (your main folder where your index.php file is).
*In the control panel (setup.php) change these options:
- Set the file «Download Filesize Limit»
(under installation options) to 12 MB
- Set «Unique URLS» to Yes
(under installation options)
- Set the «Transfer Timeout»
(under internal Options) to 600 seconds
- Set the «Encode URL»
(under user configurable options) to On, and check the box to force
- Set the «Encode Page»
(under user configurable options) to On.
- Set the «Allow Cookies»
(under user configurable options) to On, and check the box to force
- Set the «Remove Scripts»
(under user configurable options) to Off, and check the box to force
- Set the «Remove Images»
(under user configurable options) to Off.
- Set the «Remove Flash»
(under user configurable options) to Off.

Important! – After you use the control panel make sure you either Pass protect it OR delete the setup.php file OR chmod settings.php file to 644.


  1. Depending on the perms of the files you have uploaded, you might need to set these two, change the paths below to your own paths:
    1. chmod 755 /var/www/glype/tmp/
    2. 'Submit' button isn't clickable on the Admin page:
    3. chmod 777 /var/www/glype/includes/settings.php
  2. Check your logs for errors:
    1. tail -20 /var/log/apache2/error.log
  3. The main problems I have run into has been cURL related.

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