mardi 16 octobre 2018


One of the most common errors that pops up in Google Chrome is ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. Typically, it shows up when virtual private network (VPN) or proxy users have misconfigured settings leading to a header data discrepancy. Let’s cover exactly what that means.

One of the results of the way VPNs and proxy servers hide users’ identities is replacing their browsers’ header data. More technically, when a proxy service replaces a users’ IP address with its own, the browser uses the new header data of the corresponding address – it wouldn’t make a very effective proxy otherwise.

But occasionally, Chrome has difficulty resolving the connection between itself and the proxy. Chrome requests the proxy send its header information so that it can display the requested web page, but it receives a response that it is unable to render, leading to a 502/302 discrepancy that Google Chrome triggers as, “Error 111: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED”.

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